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Fight the Urge

Summer’s here and the time is right for training on the range. OK, so not exactly how the song goes, but you get the idea. This is the time of the year where many people around the country start to experience warmer weather. The higher temperatures make going to the range more tolerable in some areas, but other areas of the country, like here in NC, are already experiencing the 90+ degree temps and high humidity levels that we associate with Summer. This makes getting out to the range to train more an act of will than an act of want. This is the time to fight the urge. Fight the urge to stay in where it is cool and not train. Shorten your range sessions if you need to, but get out there and train.HK P30SK in MTR Adversary

Warmer temperatures also mean people are wearing fewer layers. For some, this signals a change from their “normal” carry gun to a summer carry gun. The summer gun is often a smaller framed, smaller caliber, pocket sized pistol (think Ruger LCP, S&W J frame, etc.). For many, Summer means that the gun stays at home. Many people will choose to go about their business in the Summer unarmed because it is hot, they aren’t wearing a lot of clothes, and it is harder to conceal a firearm. Again, I say fight the urge. Fight the urge to switch to a smaller gun. Fight the urge to go unarmed because it is hot out.

Instead of going unarmed, look for ways to dress around the gun. I have a good friend who chooses to wear shorts, a t-shirt, and then a short sleeved, button up “technical” style shirt over his t-shirt. This easily conceals his M&P compact carried in an outside the waistband holster. His outer shirt is usually a North Face, REI, Columbia, or LL Bean style hiking (or similar type) shirt. It blends in fine here in NC, the fabric is light and breathable, and it conceals the gun.

I take a different approach. I have a few shirts that are a size larger than I would normally wear. I wear shorts, and an untucked t-shirt or golf style shirt and carry my M&P compact or H&K P30SK in an IWB holster (an MTR Adversary) in the appendix position. This hides the gun for me with no issues. I made the decision about six months ago to carry a bigger gun with me as often as possible. I based this on various training drills I have worked on the range over the past few months. My scores with my Sig P238 were just not has good as I wanted them to be, so my plan is to work the P238 more, and carry the pistol that I can perform with. (We discussed some of these drills in past posts (FAST drill, 5×5 drill, 50 yard shots on a 1/4 scale steel target), and successful completion of these drills is my own personal requirement for my EDC.)

In light of the current events happening in our country, it is more important than ever to remain vigilant, observe what is going on around you, and be prepared. Stay cool, stay safe.

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  1. Clark Kent says:

    Define ‘smaller gun’. I am perfectly happy carrying a S&W Shield in 9mm Luger caliber throughout the year. But I also don’t live in a hot, humid state like NC (I was raised better).

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