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New Pistols of Interest

Summer and Fall are typically slow months for new firearm product introductions. Most gun makers spend this time tweaking the final prototype or are holding their new product introduction until the SHOT show in January (The Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade show is the industry’s biggest trade show of the year.)

A few companies have launched new products recently. One of those companies is Ruger. Ruger has added to their already broad range of handguns designed for CCW with the introduction of the Ruger American Compact Pistol and the Ruger LCP II. Both of these guns are aimed squarely at the CCW market and add to an already impressive lineup of affordable hand guns suitable for concealed carry and/or personal defense.

Ruger American Compact Pistol
           Ruger American Compact Pistol                          Ruger LCP II


The other notable CCW pistol introduced recently (in May, I believe), is the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 45. This addition to the super popular M&P Shield line is chambered in .45ACP and joins the 9mm and .40S&W models to further round out the line.


We expect the Shied 45 and LCP II to be very popular choices for concealed carry. MTR is currently offering holsters for the M&P Shield 45, and should be offering models for the Ruger American Compact Pistol and the Ruger LCP II very shortly. We have asked Don Hume about their plans to offer holsters for these new models, but we do not expect to see anything available in the very near future.

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