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Video Review of the Don Hume H715M W/C Clip-On IWB Holster

Certain gun holster models always come with specific questions surrounding each model. In the video below, we try to address frequently asked questions associated with the Don Hume H715M W/C clip-on IWB holster.

Hopefully this information will help address questions about:

  • Color options
  • Pistols with lasers or lights mounted on them
  • Materials
  • Carry method


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2 Responses to Video Review of the Don Hume H715M W/C Clip-On IWB Holster

  1. Dave "Tex" Cho says:

    Just viewed your overview/review of the Don Hume H715M W/C. Thanks for providing this information as I was thinking I need an IWB holster for my G19. One question I have is re extra magazine(s). What are your recommendations for carrying extra mags? Thanks again.

    • Gunnersalley says:

      In terms of an extra mag, you’ve really got 2 choices:

      #1 – A single mag carrier that is worn either OWB or IWB

      #2 – Carry the extra mag in a pocket. The G19 mag isn’t super large so you could probably carry it in a back pocket (or maybe even a front pocket, depending on the pants).

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